New Customer Connect Advertising packages feature your gun shop on an interactive gun finder map to all buyers within 50 miles of your zip code!

Gun buyers start their research online where they find lots of sellers, but they don’t even know you have a store with a knowledgeable staff just minutes away with the gun they want sitting on the shelf.

Make it easy for buyers to find what they want online where they are already shopping. Buyers no longer have the patience to call the store, and wait on the phone while someone checks to see if the gun is around.

By signing up for a Customer Connect Package and showcasing your inventory online, buyers see you on the map with the gun they want, locally, versus ordering a gun across state lines or even worse your competitor down the street who is advertising online.

The Customer Connect Packages also give you access to 6 distributor feeds! Buyers can see everything available through your distributors and get the exact gun they want if you don’t have it in-stock.

Get on the new inventory finder, and watch new customers walk through the door. You can even take orders at all hours with Live Checkout. Buyers can pay online at any time of the day and pickup in store. With more than 3 million gun buyers coming to GunsAmerica each month, there could be thousands of new customers waiting to find you.

Our Customer Connect Program is Exclusive to FFL Dealers with brick and mortar store.


  1. Your ad appears on the dealer inventory map to buyers within 50 miles of your store as long as you have posted inventory that a buyer is looking for or if it is available through your distributor feeds.
  2. Post your entire inventory using our Bulk Upload system, or manually one at a time to show what items you have in-stock.
  3. Option to post unlimited local only listings with no aftersale fees.
  4. Sign up for 48 Hour Guns Distributor Feeds. Allow buyers to find the exact gun they want or order guns you don’t have in-stock but still available through distribution.
  5. Buyers see your store ad and can buy online, call or come into the store for purchase.

Increase local sales with Customer Connect.

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Features and FAQ's

Manufacturer Co-Op Program

When you post your items on GunsAmerica they appear on a growing list of manufacturer websites. If you have the item the buyer is looking for, your store appears along with the item so buyers can walk into your store or even buy it online.

Pay Online and pick-up in store:

Accept online payment by setting up a merchant and gateway processing account. Buyers can pay for items online at any time. Their card is not charged until you confirm their order- you don’t have to worry about refunding their card if the gun sold in-store before it sold online. Or if a buyer chooses to pick the gun up in-store, wait for them to come by and run the card while they are in the store and save a couple points. Sellers who have online payments enabled, on average, sell 30% more than those who don’t accept online payments. Click Here to apply for a gun friendly merchant account today!

New Brochure mode option:

Don’t feel like selling online, shipping guns, and answering emails? Enable Brochure mode and turn your listings into an online catalog. Buyers are able to see your store, inventory, and pricing but the only way to buy the gun is by calling the store or come to the store and purchase. Brochure mode disables checkout and communications. Make the buyers come to you!

Unlimited Local Only Ads:

Post unlimited local only ads and never pay an aftersale fee. Local ads will only show to buyers within 50 miles of your zip code.

Access to Distributor feeds:

Sign up for local package and have access to distributor feeds which we call 48 hr guns. Fill the gaps in your inventory by showing people what you can get through distribution. Buyers can then submit an order on distributor inventory and you will receive an email with their order. It is then up to you to fulfill the order by ordering from the distributor or selling one you have in stock.

What distributors are you partnered with?

We currently have inventory feeds with the following distributors:

  • Bill Hicks Co.
  • Davidsons
  • Lipsey's
  • RSR
  • Sports South
  • Zanders

Who sees my store ad?

Users within 50 miles of your store will see you appear on the map if you have items matching their search. We have potentially thousands of local customers near you who might not even know your store existed. Get on the map and get discovered by your local market.

More to Come:

Each week we send out a dealer alert with the guns being reviewed on the blog. By posting these guns for sale, the dealer map will show to buyers win your zip code directly on the review article for buyers to purchase. There’s nothing else like it!

As we continue development, we will have additional inventory locator maps available on other partner sites.

Click here to sign up for one of our Customer Connect Local Dealer Adverstising Packages and start using online traffic to drive people into your store.

Increase local sales with Customer Connect.

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