Options for Bulk Upload from Point of Sale Systems

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Web Bulk Upload

Upload your files immediately to process via our web bulk upload. The file will represent your entire inventory (all of your items). The file format must be either xlsx or csv format, you can download examples of our file format here.
Click here to upload your entire bulk inventory.

Bulk Upload Images

For faster processing, you can bulk upload your images only by clicking here. Files are in .zip format, and file names should match your seller stock #.
Bulk Upload Images


Manage your sales by using our simple REST API. The REST API allows you to connect to the GunsAmerica system and add/delete/change your listings, as well as get your recent orders. In order to start working with the REST API, click here to Get/Renew API access.
For technical help on getting started with the REST API, check here for the API help page.
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