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Bulk Upload is a robust, powerful inventory management tool. It allows you to upload your entire inventory all at once. Each time you perform a bulk upload, our system automatically adds and drops items accordingly. Save time by posting everything at once instead of one at a time.

Bulk Upload is available to all sellers who have an upgraded membership package. If you are a Basic Seller, click here to upgrade your account to access the Bulk Upload tool.

The Bulk Upload is for in-store inventory only. If you want to show distributor inventory, then sign up for one of our Customer Connect Packages.

We offer 3 options for Bulk Upload:

  1. Web Bulk Upload – Upload your files immediately to process via our web bulk upload. The file will represent your entire inventory (all of your items). The file format must be either XLSX or CSV format. Click here to learn about setting up your inventory file. Click here for more information on setting up your inventory file.
    1. Bulk Upload Images - For faster processing, you can bulk upload your images only. Files are in .zip format, and file names should match your seller stock number used in your Bulk Upload Inventory file. Click here for more information on how to use the Bulk Image Uploader.
  2. REST API - Allows you to connect to the GunsAmerica system and add/delete/change your listings, as well as get your recent orders. Click Here to get started using the REST API.

Features and FAQ's

How long does the Bulk Upload take?

Depending on your file size, the Bulk Upload process could take up to 2 hours to process all of your items. Smaller files process in less than 1 hour. You receive an email once your upload is complete so you don't have to sit and wait for it to finish!

How do I put photos in my file?

There are 2 options for uploading images. You can find stock photos from the internet and copy the Image URL into the row of the item you are uploading under the "Image URL column." You can do this for NIB guns only. If you are selling used guns, then you should take your own photos and upload them using the Bulk Photo Upload. To tie your photos to your listings, you must name your photos the same as your stock number you want it to show on. For example- if you have a Glock 19 for sale with stock number GLK19 then your photo needs to be named "GLK19.jpg"

How are items added and dropped automatically?

You will assign all the items in your spreadsheet a unique stock number- most point of sale systems already do this for you. Once that stock number is removed from your inventory upload file, our system will automatically remove it from your inventory online and end the listing. If your new inventory file contains new stock numbers, our system recognizes it as a new item and adds it to your online inventory.

Seller stock numbers can only be used once for items that sell or are removed from your inventory. If you try and use the same seller stock number for an item that was previously marked as sold, it will not be added to your inventory.

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