Live Storefronts FAQ and Fee's

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Fees Associated with Live Storefronts


Standard Members - $59.95

Personal Domain, Hosting, and Access to GunAmerica's inventory managment and customer base.


Setup Fee


Personalized Checkout

Allow customers to checkout directly on your website.

About Live Storefronts

What is GunsAmerica Live Inventory StoreFronts?

GunsAmerica Live Inventory StoreFronts is a management and design system to develop your own personal E-commerce Website. It streamlines the development process and makes it possible for you to be selling inventory on your own site the same day.

Do I need to be a programmer to set up a Live StoreFront?


You will be able to build your own Live StoreFront without any website design/programming knowledge. The system has been built to allow internet users with moderate computer knowledge to set up their own personal web presence.

Can I have my own Domain?


Your Live StoreFront can be published on any domain you wish (i.e. ""), allowing you to have a completely unique web presence separate from GunsAmerica.

We are also offering a sub-domain of the GunsAmerica website (i.e. "") for those who would like a less expensive option, or to link for an existing page to start selling your inventory.

Can I Accept Credit Cards on my Live StoreFront?


GunsAmerica has partnered with ETI to offer extremely competitive merchant accounts. With a Merchant Account, you can accept payments directly on your website, and then charge the order after you review it.

For more information on Merchant Accounts, please Click Here

Who hosts my Live StoreFront?

Your website will be hosted on the GunsAmerica server. You will not need to pay hosting fees to a separate provider; it is included in our low monthly fees.

Do you offer secure Checkout?


We offer two options for securely checking out. The first option is free, but redirects people from your website to the GunsAmerica SSL (secure checkout) page and then, when completed, back to your website.

You can also purchase an SSL from GunsAmerica for a yearly fee, and be assured that your transactions will be processed with the highest standard of security without leaving your own Live StoreFront.

What is an SSL?

SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer, and provides a secure connection on the webpage. It is critical when handling sensitive material such as credit card information.

How do I report an error?

You will need to visit our Support Tickets page. This will bring you to our Ticket System. After you raise a ticket, GunsAmerica is notified and then takes appropriate action.

Editing Live Storefronts

Is anything I do permanent?


How do I edit text?

After building your website, you will now need to go in and add content. You will need to do this on a page-by-page basis in the Published Pages section of your Live StoreFront Dashboard.

Start by clicking the pencil icon () next to the name of the page you want to edit (Not all pages allow you to edit text). You will then be directed to an editor page that looks similar to Microsoft Word (and works on the same principles).

Type and format your text the way you would like it to be viewed on your website. To view how your page looks, click the name of the site at the top of the page.

If you are having trouble with the editor please feel free to contact us via the Support Ticket System.

How do I upload my Logo?

If you didn't upload your logo during the setup process, don't worry, you still can. Go to your Site Settings and General Settings should be the default open tab. In General Settings you will find a location to upload your logo.

Your logo will be displayed at the top of every page of your website. Your Logo will be constrained to 65px high with porportional width.

How do I add a Banner to my Homepage?

To upload your Homepage banner go to your Site Settings and General Settings should be the default open tab. In General Settings you will find a location to upload your banner underneath the Logo Upload.

Your banner can be displayed on specific pages of your website such as your Homepage. The banner image will be constrained to 1200px wide with porportional height.

How do I add a photo?

In order to add a picture to your website you will have to upload the photo.

In the tool bars at the top of the text editor, there is an ‘Insert Image’ icon that looks like a mountain with a pencil coming out of it. When you click this image you will be sent to a photo manager.

Click ‘Upload’ and then ‘Browse’. From there you will need to find the image on the hard drive of your computer and click ‘Save’. You will be told when the image is successfully loaded.

You then need to check which image you would like to insert and then click ‘Insert’.

How do I edit a photo?

After you have inserted an image, you will then be able to choose where the image is shown on your page. By double-clicking on the image, you can resize the image to fit it on the site (making the image larger than it's original size may ruin the integrity of the photo). This is where you can also go to change the alignment of the photo, add a border, or add alternative text (text that will show before the image loads on slower computers)

How do I change my page order?

Go to the Site Settings page and click on Menu Settings. There you will be able to number the pages in the order that you like.

You can also add a “Parent Page” in Menu Settings. This keeps the the menu items under the selected parent page hidden until the parent item is hovered over.

Why is my Calendar page empty?

The Calendar page on your website defaults to show the events you have added to the Calendar on our site. If you have not added any events, then you will not see anything on your calendar page.

How do I add an item to my inventory?

To add a new item to your Live Storefront Inventory click here.

How do I get my Inventory to my Live StoreFront?

Go to your Inventory Management page and click Import GA Listings. You will be able to get all of your listings and inventory without having to add each one again.

May I create my own page?


On your Live StoreFront Dashboard below the "Add A Page" section you will see a button that says "Add Custom Page", click that.

The page can then be edited like any other page on your Live StoreFront.

Publishing Your Live StoreFront

Do I need to purchase a Domain Name beforehand?


We are able to purchase the domain name for you for a standard yearly fee. Please check to see if the domain is available before making the request.

What does the ‘Page URL’ option mean when I create a new page?

When you create a new page, you will need to give it a file extension so that it can finish the URL (i.e.

This option allows you to choose what your links can say.

*There should be no spaces in the ‘Page URL’.

What does "Publishing" my Live StoreFront mean?

When you create a StoreFront, you will get a temporary URL so you can preview how your website will look. This URL is not live and is only temporary.

Once you are satisfied with your test site, you can request your site be "Published", either on your own URL, or a sub-domain of GunsAmerica.

How do I “Publish” my Live StoreFront?

After completing your website, go back to your Live StoreFront Dashboard and click the link at the top in the orange header.

You will then be instructed on how to proceed in a step by step fashion. If you have any difficulty publishing your website please submit a Support Ticket, and we will review ASAP.

*If you are publishing the site to a domain name that you already own, then you will be given an IP Address which can be found at any time on the Site Settings page under Host Settings.

After My Live StoreFront is Published

Will my Live StoreFront inventory be searchable through


Your Live StoreFront is a separate entity from Any listings that are only posted on your website are not searchable through GunsAmerica, but may possibly be found in searches from any search engine.

How do I get visitors to my site?

After your site is published live, you will have full range to market your website. You can start by placing your URL on business cards, pens, letterhead and all marketing material.

Live Storefront's is built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. We utilize modern practices including fundamental SEO practices, responsive website design, identifiers for site crawlers, and much more. We are constantly improving the application to increase your website's Search Engine Ranking Position.

While GunsAmerica puts our best foot forward to help your website get found, it is important that you keep your content up to date and utilize what's available on the web. Social media marketing and other Search Engine Marketing programs like Google AdWords may benefit your website and business. Banner ads and affiliate link sharing programs are also valuable tools to get traffic on your website.

Can I still post an item on if it is posted on my website?


If you would like to post an item on GunsAmerica as well as on your Live StoreFront, simply place the listing on and then import it to your website using your Inventory Management System.

*Any item posted/sold on is subject to all applicable fees that were agreed on when joining.

Will I pay any additional fees when an item is sold on my Live StoreFront?


Any item sold through your Live StoreFront will not be subject to any additional fees from If the item was also posted on, then it may be taken down without any additional fees.

Processing Orders from Your Live StoreFronts

How do I see the orders from my Live StoreFront?

When you receive an order from your Live StoreFront, an email will be sent to the email address we have for your GunsAmerica account.

You can also go to your Live Storefronts Order Management where you will see all the credit card, contact and delivery information from the buyer.

Will their credit card be charged automatically?


Because we are dealing in firearms and firearm accessories, you are able to review the buyers’ information and take all legal steps to ensure a law abiding transaction.

How do I remove an item from my Live StoreFront after it has been sold?

Go to your Live Storefronts Inventory Management and find the item that you would like to remove. Click the ‘Option’ link on the right and then click ‘Not for Sale’. This will remove the item from your Live StoreFront without deleting the item.

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