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The SurgeX suppressor.

The SurgeX from Rugged Suppressors

The Surge762, their first suppressor crafted a decade ago, has been reborn.

Rost Martin Debuts RM1C Pistol.

New Kid on the Block: Rost Martin Debuts RM1C Pistol

The RM1C claims that it isn’t just another striker-fired 9mm pistol. Priced competitively at $459, it wants to challenge the norms with features typically seen in custom models.

Homeowner Wrestles Intruder For Gun Before Fatal Gunfight 

Homeowner Wrestles Intruder For Gun Before Fatal Gunfight 

“It was like a movie,” Smith said. “Me and him wrestling over the gun.”

The 110 Magpul Scout from Savage Arms.

Savage Launches The Ultimate Multipurpose Firearm: 110 Magpul Scout

Savage Arms is proud to announce the launch of the 110 Magpul Scout.

NYC Officials Suing These Distributors of So-Called ’Ghost Guns’

Why Calls from Attorneys General to Ban Lake City Ammo Sales to Civilians Are Deeply Misguided!

In an email to GunsAmerica, Oliva asserted that the attempt to limit the sale of ammunition produced at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is a direct attack on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Ruger's Diamond Anniversary SR1911 Pistol

Ruger’s Diamond Anniversary SR1911 Pistol

Ruger is gearing up to mark its 75th anniversary in 2024, and part of the celebration includes launching special edition firearms.

A 15-Round Echelon Pistol from Springfield Armory.

New 15-Round Echelon Pistol from Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory has launched a new 15-round variant of the Echelon 9mm pistol, targeting markets with restricted magazine capacities.

Graph showing that crime dropped in Ohio after the enactment of Constitutional Carry.

Anti-Gunners Were Wrong! Ohio Sees Drop in Crime Post-Constitutional Carry

“The key takeaway from this study is that we have to keep the pressure on the criminals who shoot people, rather than Ohioans who responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights,” he added.

California approved the Taurus Optics Ready Revolver.

T.O.R.O. Revolvers Gain Approval in California!

The Taurus 856 T.O.R.O. and 605 T.O.R.O., known for their innovative features, are the stainless-steel models of the series.

Everytown Study Claims Stricter Gun Laws Could Save 300,000 Lives

Everytown Study Claims Stricter Gun Laws Could Save 300,000 Lives

Enter Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the CCRKBA, who’s blasting holes in the report’s findings. He’s calling foul, labeling the study “misleading at best,” and pointing out the high homicide rates in the so-called model states.