New Kid on the Block: Rost Martin Debuts RM1C Pistol

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New Kid on the Block: Rost Martin Debuts RM1C Pistol
Rost Martin Debuts RM1C Pistol. (Photo: Colion Noir)

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There’s a new player in town, and it’s shaking things up in the compact pistol market. Rost Martin, hailing from Dallas, Texas, has just unveiled its first product, the RM1C, and it’s got people talking.

The RM1C claims that it isn’t just another striker-fired 9mm pistol. Priced competitively at $459, it wants to challenge the norms with features typically seen in custom models.

Think a 4-inch hammer-forged barrel, slick front and rear slide serrations, and an ambidextrous mag release. Plus, it boasts a smooth, five-pound trigger pull that promises a clean break and a short reset.

But wait, there’s more!

The RM1C sports non-glare top slide serrations to reduce eye strain and enhance sight picture clarity. Its low bore axis, combined with the hammer-forged barrel, is a recipe for accuracy and improved muzzle control right out of the box.

Durability? The slide is treated with Tenifer® for anti-corrosion and toughness.

For those who like to customize, the RM1C is optic-ready, coming with a metal RMR plate and compatibility with popular red dot sights. It’s also set for various pistol lights, thanks to its full three-slot Picatinny rail.

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The ergonomics seem to be on point as well. The RM1C introduces Rost Martin’s Responsive Grip Texturing (RGT) – a laser stippling that adjusts to your grip pressure for a secure, yet comfy hold.

Reliability? Rost Martin’s RM1C comes with a lifetime warranty. Beyond that, they’ve put the RM1C through its paces.

“Our preproduction stress test and validation included testing the limits of our pistol up to 50,000 rounds, submersion in sand, water, ice, mud, and extensive drop testing without failure,” explains Rost Martin CEO Chris Toomer in a press release.

When it comes to holsters, Rost Martin has already partnered with top manufacturers like ANR Design, Blackpoint Tactical, and Crossbreed, ensuring you have accessories from day one.

Capacity-wise, the RM1C carries 15+1 with a flush mag or 17+1 with the extended mag. Available in Black, Stone Gray, and FDE, it’s a versatile choice for different preferences.

Curious about how it performs? Check out the embedded review by Colion Noir. He’s taken the RM1C for a spin and has some insightful thoughts on this new offering.

We plan on getting our hands on it at SHOT 2024. Then, we’ll follow up with our own full-length review.

Rost Martin, a minority, Veteran, and female-owned company, wants to push boundaries and expand Second Amendment rights to a new generation. The RM1C is their first step.

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