Anti-Gunners Were Wrong! Ohio Sees Drop in Crime Post-Constitutional Carry

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Anti-Gunners Were Wrong! Ohio Sees Drop in Crime Post-Constitutional Carry
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So, Ohio’s “constitutional carry” law, which kicked in around mid-2022, stirred up quite a debate. You know, that’s the law allowing Ohioans to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

Critics and some anti-gun city mayors were very concerned. They were shouting from the proverbial rooftops that this would lead to a giant spike in gun-related violence. Turns out, they were wrong.

A study, cooked up by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and Bowling Green State University, decided to take a closer look at the impact of this law.

They sifted through data from June 2021 to June 2023 – a neat before-and-after snapshot. And guess what?

In six out of Ohio’s eight big cities, gun crimes actually took a dive. We’re talking places like Parma, where gun crimes plummeted by a whopping 22%. Akron and Toledo weren’t far behind, with an 18% drop. Even Columbus saw a decent 12% reduction.

Cleveland and Canton had more modest decreases, but hey, a drop is a drop.

The only odd ones out were Cincinnati and Dayton, where there was a slight uptick. You can dive into the nitty-gritty of these findings on the Ohio Attorney General’s website.

They didn’t just stop at crime rates, though. The study also used gunshot-detection tech to back up their findings, showing similar downward trends in Toledo and Columbus.

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As for the impact on cops? They found no big difference in gun-related injuries or deaths among officers before and after the law was in play.

Dave Yost, the Ohio Attorney General, shared his two cents in an op-ed for the National Review. His main point?

We should be focusing on the bad guys using guns for crime, not the law-abiding folks who are just exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Yost is all for proactive policing and tougher sentencing for gun-related crimes. This study, he believes, is a game-changer in how we talk about gun laws and crime.

“This is not to downplay the very real problem of crime in many neighborhoods in our cities – you don’t need a research team to see that gun violence destroys lives, families and opportunity,” Yost said in a press release obtained by GunsAmerica.

“The key takeaway from this study is that we have to keep the pressure on the criminals who shoot people, rather than Ohioans who responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights,” he added.

You can catch more details and some direct quotes from Yost in articles from Meigs Independent Press, SCNR, and WTOL.

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