JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review

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JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review

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Industry Innovators

JP has been the premier AR/MSR modifier and manufacturer since 1991. They have brought out their custom production AR’s – both small and large frame. Long Range bolt guns, and Pistol Caliber Carbines.  They continue to produce some of the finest parts for those same guns. As well as some well-thought-out improvements to basic parts. Their parts are some of the most copied in the industry.

The adjustable component trigger assembly they pioneered years ago was the benchmark of aftermarket triggers available for the MSR.  They originally brought out a self-contained drop-in trigger module (JPFC-M) in 2004.  Recently they’ve upgraded it to offer a few different trigger shoe styles.  The standard Curved Trigger Shoe is still available for traditionalists. A straight drop trigger, as well as a straight drop roller trigger, is also available.  The option to swap out trigger shoes is available in case you decide to try a new style.  The trigger shoes are also available in a choice of colors. The module comes packaged with anti-walk pins and a color-matched ambidextrous selector lever. As well as two alternate-weight hammer springs in case the user wishes to adjust the trigger pull further.

JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review
Available in Black, Red, White, and Blue the curved and flat triggers will come with matching ambidextrous selector levers, the Roller trigger is available in any color as long as you want Black.

JP – Quality Without Question

Right off the bat, the packaging is very professional and speaks to the product quality inside.  You know you purchased a quality product from a very reputable company.  Other than the small screws, Allen wrenches, and spare springs, everything is visible to the buyer.  You get to see what you have purchased and that all the important parts are there and nothing is missing. 

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JP modular trigger and parts in box
This is your first look at your new purchase, all the important parts are visible

The triggers sent to me are going into two 6.5 Grendels that do general hunting duties as well as feral hog abatement.  The guns are rough and tumble guns that do not get babied. The triggers received were in the curved shoe and straight drop roller configuration. The guns don’t get the high round count that my 3-gun rifles received. However, my 3-gun rifles were cared for daily.

JP modular trigger unboxing
Opening up the package and laying out everything to ensure its all there and get the necessary tools ready

Proper Preparation

I unpacked and laid out the parts to ensure everything is accounted for prior to installation.  I needed to remove the old trigger components and clean the lower receiver, then prepare installation.  Just because I wanted to, I went ahead and timed the removal and then timed the installation on the first one because normally that’s what someone buying a JPFC-M is going to be doing installing one modular trigger.  The removal of the original trigger components took 4 minutes and 5 seconds, and that was with me verifying the contents of the package by way of the included parts list.  Afterward, I cleaned up the lower receiver removing unburned powder, dirt, and old lubrication. I did not time the cleaning.   

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    Cleaning the gun before installing the new JP trigger
    The lower is coated with unburned powder and old lubricant. Cleaning it up before installation proved worthwhile

    Installation of the JPFC-M took 24 minutes and 30 seconds. This was explicitly following the instructions and stopping to take a few pics for this article.  The installation went trouble-free. If you ensure you have the tools listed on the “tools needed” list, including the necessary thread lock solution.  Keep the box that the new trigger came in, it makes a good spot to store your old trigger components. If I decide to sell my lower receiver or entire rifle I’ll be keeping the new trigger for future needs.  I finished with the installation and there was zero movement in the trigger.  Zero take-up, zero side-to-side movements, what I wound up with was a solid dependable trigger.  

    JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review
    The factory box makes a good place to keep your original trigger parts.

    Variable Trigger Power

    The process of changing trigger springs is simple. The assembly must be out of the receiver as the hammer pin bushing needs to be removed. Release tension on the hammer and control the hammer as it moves forward into the fired position. Then keep control of the hammer as you take a tool that will fit into the hammer pin bushing recess and push the bushing out. Remove the hammer, then remove the spring and replace the new spring.  Push the bushing back into place. Slide your tool out and align the bushing correctly. The yellow spring produced a trigger pull of 2.6 pounds, while the red spring produced 5.0 pounds.  This was with the triggers in two different receivers,……………..on that note.


    Swapping out a spring for the JP modular trigger
    Swapping out to the lighter spring was easy and trouble-free

    Housing Variations

    One of my receivers was skinnier than the other at the selector lever area and there was almost enough protrusion of the selector lever barrel to allow the left side lever to slip past the detent machined into it to stop it at safe.  This is NOT a fault of the JP components, just an observation by me that variances in receivers may create an issue you will need to address.  The selector detent and spring do a sufficient job of retaining the entire selector lever assembly, and the ambi lever will keep everything on the receiver. 

    JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review
    Differences in receiver dimensions caused this to almost be an issue, so be aware.


    If you are mechanically challenged or do not care to follow the instructions for a JP component trigger and set it up properly then this trigger is a great alternative.  You could call it the JP trigger for Dummies, there is an $80.00 difference in a comparable component trigger. In my opinion, the ease of installation is what you are paying for. The modular trigger is compatible with a small-frame or large-frame MSR’s, and MSRP is 329.95.  The interchangeable trigger shoes are 39.95.

    JP Drop in Modular Trigger: Full Review
    Two Grendels ready to play

    Precision Performance – What To Expect From JP

    Since more and more people are using MSR’s to hunt with or compete in long-range shooting. The need for a nice clean trigger break like that supplied by a bolt gun is becoming increasingly desired. The precision supplied through the use of a JP trigger just got easier to place in your gun.  Whether you’re chasing varmints, big game, long-range targets, or like me you just want the cleanest trigger break available for my work guns, the modular trigger from JP nails it!!! 

    Several guns with JP triggers installed
    Curved trigger and Roller trigger installed and good to go.

    Pros and Cons of These Triggers

    As is normal for my reviews here is my most and least list……….

    The most liked feature is the ease of installation and easy-to-follow instructions. It was quick, easy, and headache-free.

    Least liked feature, really nitpicky but JP included all the wrenches needed for installation except for the ones for the selector lever screws, a phone call revealed that the reason was the larger size was likely to already be found on one’s workbench so it was omitted.

    The biggest surprise is that JP actually included two hammer springs of varying weight in the package. A pleasant surprise since it seems in today’s market so many manufacturers are trying to get every little bit of income from buyers and are happy to charge folks for every little item.

    The biggest disappointment is something I’ve mentioned before about JP products, the trigger isn’t cheap. However, JP products are in the class of Mercedes, or Rolex, and quality from solid cutting-edge companies is never inexpensive.  

    JP triggers are anything but disappointing
    Pick one, you won’t be disappointed.

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