Homeowner Shoots Man With Stolen Chainsaw, Death Ruled Self-Defense

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Police reported to a 911 call to find a man nearly dead after attacking a homeowner with a chainsaw. (Photo: WNDU)

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A man stole a chainsaw last month before being shot and killed by the Indiana homeowner he stole it from. 

Last December, a homeowner and his wife had just arrived home around 9:20. They noticed a security alert and the homeowners decided the husband would check it out while his wife waited in the car. 

The homeowner approached his home and found his back gate open, according to WVPE. A man came at him with a “chainsaw over his shoulders.”

The homeowner warned the suspect not to come near him. Richard Davis, the 68-year-old man with the chainsaw, apparently did not heed the warning.

The homeowner shot Davis in the chest and then told his wife to call 911.

Police arrived to find Davis in critical condition. They took him to a hospital, where he died.

A Stolen Chainsaw

According to WNDU, Davis stole the chainsaw from the homeowner. It had been taken from the garage shortly before the shooting. 

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According to WVPE, the homeowner stayed on the scene and cooperated fully with officials.

The prosecutors of St Joseph County analyzed the reports from the investigation. They “reviewed video footage, security system logs,” and even the chainsaw before coming to a conclusion. 

The case was taken to court, and prosecutors recently announced that they find the shooting “justifiable.”

The homeowner will not receive any charges for shooting Davis. No evidence has come up to disprove that he was reasonably scared for his life. 

The shooting is considered a case of self-defense. 

An Unlikely Circumstance

The statistics on home invaders coming at you with chainsaws are unsurprisingly low. But according to the FBI, about 15% of home robberies involve a deadly weapon other than a firearm. 

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We know little about this homeowner. All we know is he used a gun to defend himself from someone who was allegedly dangerous. He is lucky he had that gun and could act in self-defense. 

Otherwise, we’d be reading an obituary, not a self-defense story.

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