WATCH: Greek Mob Boss Executed in Bold Street Ambush

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Greek Mob Boss Executed in Street Ambush
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VICE News broke the story this week about the dramatic takedown of Vangelis Zambounis, a notorious mob boss in Athens, Greece.

Zambounis was ambushed by two masked assassins with AK-47s. He got hit with a storm of bullets (96 rounds were fired!) while chilling in his BMW at a gas station on Sunday.

This incident shook up the city and led to a couple of cops getting busted for leaking the security footage to the media.

Zambounis was a big deal in the underworld, linked to all sorts of shady dealings.

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The Vice News article hints at some major gang rivalries and suggests that Albanian mobsters might have had a hand in his death.

The ongoing investigation into Vangelis Zambounis’ assassination highlights a fundamental truth: crime doesn’t pay.

It also sharply illustrates that the country’s relative strict gun laws couldn’t prevent this brutal execution in the public square.

It turns out that determined killers don’t care what the law says. Gee, who would’ve guessed?

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