Armed Citizen Shoots, Kills One of Three Dollar-General Robbers

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A bystander shot at three robbers and killed one earlier this week during an armed robbery of a Dollar General in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to Fox 13, three people began robbing the store around 10:30 a.m. that morning. Police received a report of an armed robbery.

Armed Citizen Confronts Robbers

When the police arrived on the scene they discovered that an armed citizen had shot at the robbers.

One robber was hit and taken to the Regional One Hospital.

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According to ABC24, the other two suspects ran away. One was caught and taken into police custody while the other is still on the loose.

The wounded robber died at the hospital.

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“We need to really take this seriously,” Crystal Blair, a nearby business owner told Fox13. “That’s horrible to hear that someone actually lost their life, but that’s what’s going on in Memphis.”

Blair said her bakery down the street opened just three months ago and has been broken into more than once.

“I’m fearful,” Blair said. “I don’t even stay open after dark anymore.”

She mentioned her hope that a new mayor coming into office might make a difference. “Businesses are suffering over here.”

Reports say the citizen who shot the robbers was detained for a short time by the police.

No charges have been announced so far regarding the suspects or the citizen.

It’s Getting Serious

According to Statista, convenience stores reported over 10 thousand robberies nationwide during 2022. Other types of businesses reported similar rates.

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Not all of these robbers used deadly weapons, but it was also reported that in 2022 there were approximately 44,000 robberies carried out with a handgun.

The details on the citizen who shot at the robbers are limited. Regardless, being ready to defend yourself and those around you is never a bad decision.

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