A Masterpiece in Firearms Engineering: The SOIDC DOC from Mitchell Defense

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As the Chief Operating Officer of GunsAmerica, I have the fortune of encountering countless firearms. But every once in a while, a standout emerges from the multitude, a piece so singularly impressive that it deserves a standing ovation. The SOIDC DOC from Mitchell Defense is one such masterpiece, and today, I want to tell you why.

First encounter with the Mitchell Defense SOIDC DOC

My introduction to the Mitchell Defense SOIDC DOC was not in some air-conditioned office or at a glitzy product launch event, but under the sun, knee-deep in a 3-day tactical training event led by none other than Ron Holmes of Ryker USA. The moment I picked up the rifle, it was apparent that its quality was above average. The rifle handed to me was outfitted with a Ryker USA sling, Ryker grip, and an EOTech EXPS3 red dot. Its 6.2 lbs of precision engineering proves Mitchell Defense is committed to function, accuracy, and reliability. It felt just right in the hands, and in a world of black AR-15s, this one truly stood above.

Mitchell Defense Rifle

The History of Mitchell Defense

Before we delve deeper into the specifics of the SOIDC DOC, it is worthwhile to take a moment to appreciate the history and ethos of its maker, Mitchell Defense. Founded in 2019 by Nathan Mitchell, a veteran with a deep-rooted passion for shooting and hunting, Mitchell Defense has quickly made its mark in the firearms industry. Nathan’s time in the Navy, including specialized training as a Corpsman, instilled in him the significance of attention to detail and the need for a reliable and accurate firearm. These principles have been the guiding light for Mitchell Defense, evident in every firearm they produce.

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One of the first things you notice about the SOIDC DOC is how it feels in your hands. With a lightweight, solid design, thanks to its billeted 7075-T6 aluminum lower and upper receivers, and its 15-inch handguard made from 6061 T6 Aluminum, it is a pleasure to handle. The flared magwell and Geissele 2 stage SSA trigger further add to its ergonomic excellence, making for faster reloads under stress and a smooth, predictable trigger response. It’s easy to manipulate and moves like an extension of the shooter’s body.

Performance & Reliability

This rifle is not just about looks or even feel – it’s about performance. The 16-inch 1:7 twist 223 Wylde full profile barrel, wrapped in high-strength carbon fiber by Proof Research, lends the rifle superior accuracy and reduced heat retention. This is a barrel that’s all about performance, increasing stiffness while reducing barrel whip. The mid-length DI gas system ensures smooth cycling, and the flash hider does an excellent job at mitigating recoil and muzzle rise.

The heart of the SOIDC DOC, the BCG, is a marvel of precision and reliability. Precision ground inside and out, and finished in black nitride, it’s designed to offer frictionless performance and superior corrosion resistance. The bolt is machined from 9310 steel and heat-treated, MPI, and shot peened for utmost strength and durability.

At the training event, the SOIDC DOC ran perfectly. It was the very embodiment of reliability, its enhanced buffer tube, MD H1 buffer, and stainless steel cryo treated flat wire buffer spring working in harmony to eliminate the infamous “twang” noise and ensure smooth cycling of the BCG.

I was also impressed by its performance under different environmental conditions. The position drain holes in the buffer tube are a thoughtful addition, designed to easily remove water in maritime environments and prevent gas build-up.

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When it comes to accuracy, the SOIDC DOC stands tall. The barrel and upper receiver are thermally fit, providing an extremely tight connection that increases the rifle’s durability and offers bolt-like accuracy. Every shot was a testament to Nathan Mitchell’s promise of a firearm that “performs flawlessly and consistently delivers precise shots when you need it most.”

Mitchell Defense Rifle Closeup


BCGPrecision ground, Heat treated, Shot peened, MPI
BCG CoatingBlack Nitride
Billet UpperBillet 7075- T6 aluminum
Billet LowerBillet 7075- T6 aluminum
The BarrelCarbon fiber Wrapped 416-R Stainless Steel
Barrel Length16 Inch
Barrel Twist1:7
Hand Guard6061 T6 Aluminum
Rail Mounting SystemMlok
Muzzle Threads1/2-28
Weight6.2 LBS
MagazineStandard AR 5.56 mag
TriggerGeissele SSA two stage
Safety SelectorAmbidextrous
Charging HandleRadian Raptor Ambi
CoatingType 3 Hardcoat Anodized
Buffer WeightH1
Buffer SpringFlat Wire

Final Thoughts on the Mitchell Defense SOIDC DOC

In conclusion, the SOIDC DOC is a shining example of the quality and performance that Mitchell Defense brings to the table. From the moment I picked it up, it was clear that this rifle was something special. The build quality was above average, and it just felt right in my hands. This wasn’t just another black AR-15; it was a firearm that stood out from the crowd.

The performance of the SOIDC DOC was outstanding. The carbon fiber-wrapped barrel ensured accuracy and reliability, and the rifle ran flawlessly throughout the 3-day tactical training event. And when paired with the Ryker USA sling, Ryker grip, and EOTech EXPS3 red dot, it was a force to be reckoned with.

In a world of mass-produced rifles, the SOIDC DOC is a testament to Mitchell Defense’s commitment to quality, functionality, and reliability. It’s a rifle that doesn’t just meet expectations—it surpasses them. So if you’re looking for a firearm that delivers on all fronts, I wholeheartedly recommend the SOIDC DOC. It’s a masterpiece of engineering that provides a shooting experience that is truly superior.

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