Privacy Statement for GunsAmerica

GunsAmerica is committed to your privacy and has established a very strict privacy policy outlined here. We collect your IP address for internal use in our system and for use in our ability to serve you local content. We will occasionally share this information with law enforcement when asked to do so by the state and federal authorities, and we do so without a warrant. Any request by any law enforcement agency is honored with no questions asked. This also applies to any private data you may give us regarding your account. GunsAmerica has a registration and login system. This requires you to provide a valid email address and physical address if you wish to do any transactions. Optionally we can confirm your physical address using a credit card you provide. This information is stored on GunsAmerica servers in an extremely secure environment and with long established and working data security policies in place. We do not give your credit card details to any third party ever. Your provided registration details may be shared with third parties at our discretion, and by registering with GunsAmerica you are giving us and our assignees the right to contact you via email or physical US mail at any time for any reason. We have an opt-out list for GunsAmerica non-administrative emails and that request is generally honored, though not always, because some things can be borderline administrative. You may not remove your details from our system due to the potential needs of law enforcement in the future. All internal communications, even if you think they are deleted, are not deleted ever and are retained for law enforcement use. GunsAmerica is where people buy and sell guns, which is a highly regulated process at the state and federal level. Our record keeping and privacy policies must reflect the needs of law enforcement officers who need to do their jobs, and our duty as Americans to help them do it. This privacy policy may change at any time at our discretion. If you have more questions about privacy please contact us.

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