HuxWrx Brings Another Can to the Table: Ventum 762 Reviewed

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Black Ventum 762 suppressor sits among rifle brass on a table.
The Ventum 762 is a flow-through suppressor that will handle almost anything that you can throw at it.

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HuxWrx Safety Co. has released the first universal HUB-compatible flow-through suppressor, the Ventum 762. This 30-caliber suppressor isn’t unique just because of its flow-through design and compatibility with the most common suppressor mounting options, but also because it has a removable 3-D printed core. Use and abuse this suppressor and if you happen to wear it out or damage it, the functional part of the suppressor will be easily swapped out to yield a practically brand-new item.

About the Ventum 762

As mentioned, The Ventum has two main components: the outer sleeve and the inner core. This outer sleeve is constructed of 17-4 stainless steel, making up the majority of this suppressor’s weight. The inner core is a very durable and lightweight Grade 5 titanium 3-D printed baffle system. Similar in design to their FLOW 762, this core redirects gasses away from the bore, cooling and slowing them before they are vented away from the shooter.

This redirection and venting of gasses greatly reduces or prevents the blowback of toxic fumes into the shooter’s face. The low-pressure design is also ideal for semi-auto and full-auto platforms. In fact, HuxWrx has shown this suppressor to only affect bolt velocity in these systems by +/- 4% of what they are without the suppressor.

A disassembled suppressor lays on the floor.
Here is the titanium core removed from the stainless steel outer sleeve.

Because the Ventum doesn’t retain these gasses, which include lead and copper, you can go up to 2500 rounds before it is recommended that the suppressor is cleaned thoroughly. This means more time shooting and less time performing mundane maintenance.

Ventum 762 – A Rugged Option

The Ventum is so rugged that HuxWrx labels it as having no barrel length restrictions. On top of this, it will handle any cartridge that is 30-caliber or smaller. This means that the Ventum 762 will handle 300 Win. Mag, 300 PRC, 28 Nosler, and other large magnum cartridges. But it can also be used on 5.56, 308 Winchester, and similarly sized smaller cartridges.

The HUB adapter of the Ventum 762 suppressor is shown in full view.
Here is a better look at the HUB-compatible end of the Ventum 762.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the Ventum 762 features a universal QD HUB mount. This means that the Ventum will play nice with the Q Plan B, SiCo ASR Bravo, Rugged Universal Mount, Dead Air Keymo, or HuxWrx’s own Hub-QD, to name a few. Buy the appropriate mount for several different rifles and easily swap the Ventum 762 between multiple platforms. If you don’t have any of these mounts, don’t worry. Every Ventum ships with a direct thread 5/8×24 mount.

A scoped rifle with a folded stock and Ventum 762 lays on the cement floor.
The Ventum 762 performed wonderfully on the 300 Win Mag.

Experience At The Range

I brought several different rifles to test the Ventum 762. The first was an ODIN Works 6 ARC, followed by an AR10 chambered in 308 Winchester, closing things up with a SIG Cross Magnum in 300 Win. Mag. I chose these rifles because they covered a large spectrum in terms of cartridge size and I was interested in the Ventum’s performance on semi-auto versus bolt-action platforms. On all rifles, I could hear the slightest difference between the first shot of each suppressed string and the rest.

This first-round-pop, as it’s called, was pretty minimal. I also did not feel any blowback of gasses caused by an increase in pressure due to the suppressor, which is exactly as advertised. I didn’t notice any muzzle flash, but upon review of the video, there were minimal amounts. Most of the flash is sparking caused by titanium powder left over from the 3D Printing process being burned off as these are still the first few rounds fired through the suppressor. Check out the video below:


  • MSRP: $996.00
  • weight: 14.5 ounces
  • length: 6.7 inches
  • diameter: 1.8 inches
  • grade 5 titanium core
  • 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel sleeve, mount, and end cap
  • rated for any 30 caliber or smaller
  • no barrel-length restrictions
  • HUB mount compatible
  • flash hider end cap
  • 5/8×24 direct thread mount included
The inner core of a suppressor lays on a foam pad.
Here is a closer look at the Ti core of the Ventum 763. This is the muzzle end of the suppressor.

Final Thoughts

The Ventum 762 is another high-quality flow-through suppressor that costs under $1,000, which is on the lower end in this category. The heat-treated stainless portion of the Ventum’s construction is wise for durability, but it adds a lot of weight. I think 14.5 ounces is on the heavier side of things. But if someone wants a lightweight flow-through suppressor, HuxWrx has one of those available too. All things considered, the Ventum 762 performs as advertised and sounds fantastic while doing so as well. I think this is another great option and I’m glad that it is on the market.

Suppressor sits in the hand of an experience shooter

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