DryFireMag – Product Review

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Check out this GunsAmerica Video dry fire review explaining how and why to use the Dryfire Mag and some tips on using it safely

I have been using the DryFireMag product for over a year now, and I can confidently say that it is a valuable dry-fire training tool for anyone who wants to improve quickly. The DryFireMag is a dry fire magazine that uses your own gun to provide audible and tactile trigger simulation, making your dry fire practice feel very similar to your real trigger.

It has a mechanism built in that resets the trigger in your striker-fired pistol, so you can practice taking shots without racking the slide between trigger presses. You won’t build bad muscle memory, and you’ll feel the simulated trigger break and reset without needing to rack the slide, even if you take multiple shots.

Additionally, It’s really easy to use, and there is no assembly or disassembly required. The DryFireMag has models for the most popular compact and full-sized striker-fired pistols. The one tested is for the SIG P320 and its variants.

The price of DryFireMag varies depending on the model of your pistol. At the time of this review, it costs around $100.

Overall, I highly recommend picking up a DryFireMag because it makes your dry fire practice more effective, efficient, and fun.

Learn more about the DryFireMag HERE.

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