Cowboy Up! Modernized Colt Python ft. EMPIRE COTTONMOUTH

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EMPIRE COTTONMOUTH topped with a Vortex Defender-CCW red dot

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Well, y’all, the space age is here, and EMPIRE is bringing a modern touch to the Colt Python. This exceptional piece of weaponry embodies a perfect blend of classic design and modern improvements, paying homage to the timeless allure of revolvers while integrating cutting-edge features. Meet the COTTONMOUTH, a revolver that not only attracts with its striking aesthetics, featuring a full-length top rail, a compact bottom rail, a sleek stonewashed finish, and carefully Cerakoted controls but also proves its worth in practicality.

With its recoil-reducing capabilities and versatile rails for optics and weapon light attachments, the COTTONMOUTH delivers both style and substance, improving accuracy and adaptability in low-light scenarios. The COTTONMOUTH is available in 3″, 4.25″, and 6″ versions. 


  • Colt Python base pistol
  • Stonewashed frame & deburred internals
  • Stonewashed Python Finish
  • Cerakote Elite Blackout Controls
  • Hand-polished & fitted action
  • 2 Tone Milspec Hard Anodized & Stonewashed KAGE billet Rail & Compensator System
  • Goon Tape wrapped grip
  • Range Bag

What is the COTTONMOUTH?

So what is the COTTONMOUTH? It is EMPIRE’s spin on what a modern revolver should be. They add their own custom parts to enhance performance, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance. While the COTTONMOUTH is only available as a completely decked out Colt Python, they offer individual components for upgrading your post-2020 manufactured Colt Pythons as well. One of these kits is their KAGE system which adds a full-length top rail, compact bottom rail, and compensator securely to your Colt Python manufactured in 2020 or later. However, while including the KAGE kit, the COTTONMOUTH goes above and beyond by hand polishing and fitting the action, Cerakoting the controls, and providing a stonewashed finish. 

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Out of the Box

When purchased from EMPIRE’s website, the COTTONMOUTH comes with a Savior Equipment range bag, the Colt Python with all factor included contents, and then the upgraded features integral to the revolver itself. 

EMPIRE COTTONMOUTH in the included Savior Equipment range bag

Muzzle Brake

Of all the great upgrades coming with the COTTONMOUTH, I have got to say I like the compensator the most. The contour fits seamlessly with the rail system, the raw aluminum looks great next to the stainless steel barrel, and obviously, it reduces the recoil of the revolver. It functions as it should, and it adds something not often seen on revolvers. 


Picatinny Rails

The most practical upgrade is the inclusion of a top Picatinny rail. This allows for mounting whatever optic your heart desires. To prove this point I made the video below: 

While some of the options in the video above may not be practical, that is beside the point. I do things because I can, and the COTTONMOUTH gives me plenty of options. It looks good and adds a lot of flexibility to the Colt Python. 

The COTTONMOUTH also comes with a bottom Picatinny rail. This allows for mounting lasers, weapon lights, or whatever else you may want. For the 6″ version which I have the bottom rail isn’t as useful as it would be on the shorter versions. It positions my weapon lights too far out to effectively reach the toggle switches. I have seen some people run pressure pads which is a valid solution, but that is more trouble hassle than I want to deal with.

Picatinny rail

Fit & Finish

EMPIRE also puts in the extra work to provide a stonewashed finish and deburred internals. They hand polish and fit the action. The overall fit and finish of the COTTONMOUTH is impressive, to say the least. 


In a bid to give both style and corrosion resistance, the COTTONMOUTH adorns key components, including the trigger, hammer, cylinder, cylinder release, and ejector rod, with a sleek black Cerakote finish. These carefully crafted accents contribute to the COTTONMOUTH’s distinctive appearance, setting it apart as a revolver unlike any other in the market.



While at its heart the COTTONMOUTH is still a Colt Python, this upgraded revolver is much more effective. I used a variety of Hornady 357 Magnum ammunition that varied from 125gr to 140gr without issue. The compensator reduces recoil to help tame the most powerful of .357 magnum cartridges. The Picatinny rail allowed me to use a variety of optics, but for the most part, I used a Vortex Defender-CCW red dot. This is a fairly minimalist configuration that helped me reach out to nearly 100 yards. Throughout my testing, everything worked flawlessly and no components worked themselves loose. 

EMPIRE COTTONMOUTH with Hornady ammunition


For those looking for a revolver that not only stands out in appearance but in performance as well, look no further, for the COTTONMOUTH is here. While adding custom parts to improve the performance of the Colt Python, EMPIRE crafted a stand-out piece that is sure to make all your friends jealous. The COTTONMOUTH has an MSRP of $1999.99 which adds just $500 to the sticker price of the Colt Python. While this includes hand-polishing, a stonewashed finish, and Cerakote, the compensator and Picatinny rails are sold as the KAGE kit for $249 which could be purchased all on their own. For those looking for a Colt Python, I think the COTTONMOUTH is a well-justified upgrade that adds a lot of versatility to the system. 

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